6 "Back-to-School" Mom Hacks (to make your life easier!) 🍎

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Heyyyy, girl!

Now that school has started in most parts of the country, many of us are shifting gears to prepare to say "goodbye" to the summertime, and welcome in the Fall season (yes!! our FAVORITE time of year!!)

With a new school year, comes new schedules and prep. For many parents, back-to-school time includes the inevitable "hustle and bustle" of buying new school clothes, shoes, uniforms, groceries for lunch/snacks, and tons of supplies.

That coupled with hoping your kids have gotten back into the routine of waking up bright and early and won't embarrass you the first week by falling sleeping in class (lol) can be PURE CHAOS!

Here are some of my top pins for "Back-to-School" planning and prep from our Pinterest board, that I hope will help get your family back into the swing of things for a successful school year!

1. 31 Crockpot Freezer Meals for Back to School: Anyone have both a picky eater and then a child who eats any and everything? Well I know as a working mom, by the time I pick the kids up from aftercare and head home to complete homework, cooking is not something I'm looking forward to. So, in order to speed up the process and give the kids a little free time before bed time, check out these crockpot meals to alleviate this dinner time stress.
Want to simplify the busy back-to-school season? Stock your freezer with crockpot freezer meals! Here are 31 crockpot recipes that I’ve tried myself (grocery list included!). #CrockpotFreezerMeals #MakeAheadMeals #BacktoSchoolPrep
2. DIY Homework Stations: I don't know about you, but I have one organized kid, and one...not so much. (why are they like this?? 😩😩😩) So to minimize the confusion and potential of not remembering to put supplies back in the book bag the next day, try one of these DIY options for a homework station. "Option 1" would work great if you have a designated area, or "Option 2" would be awesome if your child does homework at a desk in their room.
DIY homework station pinterest
DIY homework station pinterest
3. Kids' Snack Prep StationΒ - I think it's SUPER important to create routines and allow our kids to have some sort of responsibility, no matter how young. This is a great way to not only get the task of packing snacks or lunch off your back, but also to help the little ones assert their independence and to let them feel helpful. Buy plastic trays from your local dollar store and designate an area in the pantry and/or the refrigerator of specific snacks. Label them to identify how many of each they can take, give them their lunch bag and let them go at it! (with supervision of course).
Kid's Snack Prep Stations
4. Reusable Lunch Box Organization: These re-usable lunch box must haves are totally cool and totally help cut down on waste!
reusable lunch box products pinterest
5. 5 Back-to-School Lunch Ideas for Picky Eaters: I literally have to pay for school lunch and send a "lunch" (mostly snacks) to accommodate my picky eater! (Many old school moms may not agree with this approach, but don't judge me! πŸ€·πŸ½β€β™€οΈπŸ˜‚) This pin gives you quite a few lunch ideas for that special child/ children (If you have more than one picky eater, God Bless your soul!!! LOL! 😩😩😩).
back to school lunch ideas for picky eaters
6. School Outfit Daily Organization: Lastly, to remove the hassle of deciding what clothes to put the kids in every morning, You can use one of these portable hanging shelves. This is also great for those who wear uniforms, and will help with kids learning to dress themselves in the morning. I'm a firm believer in this. I tuck socks for each day in every slot and keep the belts on the side pockets. Mine only has 5 slots, but adding in the weekend is a good idea as well.
school daily outfit organization pinterest

So, there you have it! Β Just a few of my favorite pins to hopefully help alleviate some of the craziness of the morning rush!

Want more mom hacks and planning tips?? (pssst. . our holiday boards are up and they are FABULOUSSSS!!!! 😜😜😜) Follow us on Pinterest HERE.

Got any other prep tips that have helped your household during the school year? Drop a comment below! I'd love to hear them!
Until next time,
Audrey ❀️
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