Texas Tulips, Dallas Market Week, the NBM Show, and Oh..I'm on a Podcast!!! 🎉🙋🏽‍♀️

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Heyyyyy, girl!!! 🙋🏽‍♀️

I hope your April is off to a FANTASTIC start!  OK, so the last week of March was H-E-C-T-I-C!!! Hence this blog post being two weeks late - (womp* 😫)

But, there were so many EXCITING things that happened that week, that I wanted to make a point to share!

1. Texas Tulips

To start off the week with a bang, we took a field trip to the Texas Tulips farm out in Pilot Point, TX.  Now, this was our first time visiting and it was a real treat!  If you live near the area, I'd say it's definitely worth a visit while the weather is still nice!  

The kids loved roaming each aisle of different varieties of tulips, and picking a few that we took with us.  The farm provides baskets for picking your favorite blooms, and then wraps up your pretty selections into a beautiful bouquet to take with you for a small fee.  And the flowers last quite awhile (Mine lasted a full week and a half!)

It was such an educational experience for them to see how the flowers grow each Spring, and to pick a few of their favorites.  It's also the perfect place for a photo-op (we went dressed in tutus and bowties for some cute Spring pics - see below!)

It was a perfect, cute little outing to celebrate the beginning of Springtime! 🌷

Texas Tulips Wall Photo

Texas Tulips Field Image

Texas Tulips Kids Hugging Photo

 Texas Tulips Kids Picking Flowers Photo


2. I Can't Mom Today Podcast

I had an AMAZING opportunity to record an episode of the "I Can't Mom Today" podcast with a friend of mine (Heather) and her wonderful co-host,  Vera!  Our conversation is featured on the "Starting a Business With Toddlers! Are You Crazy?!" episode.  Which. . the title is all kinds of fitting (lol!!!!)

I really appreciate the community that Heather and Vera are building with their podcast.  Their goal is to encourage and uplift all mothers in this journey of motherhood, and to have real dialogue on some of the challenges!  If you know my friend Heather, you know that she is very "tell-it-like-it-is" (my kinda girl 😜), so I was so excited to have the opportunity to chat with them a bit.

Now while I HATE the sound of my own voice (bleh 😖) and probably tend to ramble when I get a bit nervous (too many "um's" and "ya know's" 🙈) I do hope that part of my entrepreneurial journey is to have the opportunity to encourage other moms out there. . who may have ambitions to do something that is burning in their heart, but may be a bit discouraged.  Because. . if I can do it. . I PROMISE you that YOU CAN TOO.  Remember:  Women. Are. Warriors. ESPECIALLY Moms!!  

Be kind to yourself (as kind as you treat your bestie) and take it one day at a time.  And remember that we ALL are just doing the best we can. Behind the perceived polish, there's a load of laundry a mile high 😜🤷🏽‍♀️

Take a listen to the podcast episode HERE (don't judge my rambling or the sound of my voice - lol!!!)

Thanks, Heather and Vera for having me on! ❤️

I Can't Mom Today Podcast


3. Dallas Market Center - KidsWorld


I. LOVE. MARKETS. There's something about seeing brand new products that takes my excitement to a LEVEL 10 every single time!  I mean, c'mon. . what's cuter than a brand new fresh batch of tutus or ruffled onesies or teeny, tiny bowties to "awwww" over??? 

I absolutely LOVE it when KidsWorld rolls around 'cause I get to pack up my super cool buyer's bag (ahem, an old carry-on purse from my past life 🤣), put on a pair of dependable flats (I ALMOST made a rookie move this last time with a pair of wedge-heeled ankle boots 👎🏽), and walk the market halls.

I love visiting with current vendors, and also finding new ones!

In my past life, I learned the importance of cultivating relationships with trusted vendors.  They can absolutely bring so much LIFE and solid product knowledge to your business!

Although our little shop is only a few years old, I so very much value the partnerships we are cultivating this side of the retail world.  

Here's a sneak peek at a new line we'll have landing very soon from a new vendor that we met at this past market (I can't WAIT for these to go up in the shop!!!)

 New Spring 2019 Bows - Sample Image


4. The NBM Show

Next, we hit up the NBM Trade Show at the Irving Convention Center.  Now, attending this show might appear to be a bit random, but it is one of the very first trade shows we attended when we first started thinking about offering customized products in our shop.  We signed up not knowing ANYTHING (and I do mean not anything) about how shirts were made, materials needed, equipment. . nothing.  

Attending has been very educational for us this past few years, as it affords us the opportunity to see live demonstrations first-hand, and ask questions from real live people (vs watching videos or scouring web articles for information). In addition, they also offer free classes that are full of info for the novice or for those that have a bit more experience in the industry.  

My favorite part is that you interact with people of all backgrounds, ages, businesses, and experience levels in one space.  And all are there to learn and check out what's new in the industry!

Each time we go, I always find a little gem (this go around we found some AMAZING Letterman's jackets for kids for Fall!!! 💃🏽💃🏽💃🏽 - so excited!!)

And of course, I had to take a picture of my B.A.E. that I've been eyeing for at least a year an a half (yup. . that BAE being a whole heat press 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣).

NBM Welcome Center

NBM Classroom Image

 NBM Tradeshow Stahl's Heat Press Demonstration


5. Klyde Warren Park

Finally. . we added a little bit of down time, because all of the above was in one. single. week. (I literally am tired just writing all of that! 😫😫).  The kids love the outdoors, so we jetted downtown to check out Klyde Warren Park. . which, if you are in the Dallas area, I recommend checking it out before it becomes 512 degrees in Texas (you know what I mean 🌞).

The weather was a bit overcast, but we had a wonderful time!  Food Trucks, Splash Pad, huge treehouse, lawn games, a restaurant, and an amphitheater . . .what more could you want??

Klyde Warren Park Lawn Games

Klyde Warren Park Treehouse

Klyde warren Park jenga game

It's My Party Kids Boutique at Klyde Warren Park


Whew.  Ok, this blog post was looonnggggg 🙈🤣. Definitely not our usual quick check-in 😜🤣🤣.

But, I hope to do an update like this every so often, as we're always on the go and hopefully will be doing more interesting things like this in the near future!

Have an amazing week!! 🤩🤩

-Romona ❤️





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