International Women's Day 2019 - Balance for Better!

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When my doctor first confirmed that I was, in fact, actually having a baby, and not a burrito, I went through the scared-awed-excited-nauseated-and excited again phase fairly quickly. This had a lot to do with having gone through the process too many times before, with unsuccessful results. But there was a part in the back of my brain that was SUPER PUMPED about possibly bringing a little fly girl into being, one I could mold and inspire and empower to be a world changer, in whatever way she saw fit.

We made a date to learn little Baby Moore’s sex, and with each day that passed, I grew more and more confident. I started building Pinterest boards, I watched as my sisters mothered their daughters, and I thought to myself “Yes! A whole new generation of Moore girls to bless the Earth with their fierceness!”

I had already narrowed my name choices down to “Ella” for Fitzgerald, “Laila” for Ali, or “Giselle” for Beyonce when I received news that shocked me momentarily.

Baby Moore had a penis. And he was NOT shy about making that known to everyone crowded around the monitor. Not quite ready to make his debut, and already a cheeky one.

I will confess that my second horrifying thought was “how in the heck do you potty-train a BOY???” (Oh, and if you have ideas on this - mama still needs those, immediately.)

Laila became Langston, and the rest, as they say, is history.

There is a difference in how people think the raising of a boy should be, as opposed to that of a girl. My son was still in an incubator when I had a well-meaning friend gave me a football to give to him, to “start him early”. I laughed on the outside - but I cringed on the inside. Because my plan has always been to balance my child’s natural inclinations, with guidance to help make him more than your average “nice guy”. I wanted him to be a leader, a trailblazer, someone to not just ascend, but to lift up others beside him. And, potentially, above him.

Now, knowing what you do about my amazing sisters, it should come as no surprise that lauding women, past, present, and future, is a big part of Langston’s education. I both never want him to be shocked at what a woman can achieve, and to also take appreciative note of what women can achieve.

Today, we will be participating in International Women's Day 2019 events in our city. The theme for this year is “Balance for Better”, which is timely, especially for us as I believe bringing to light the imbalances not just in our own society, but worldwide, is an important first step, not just for women, but for all.

So, wear your purple - we will be! - and if you can’t get to an #IWD2019 event in your city, you can participate in the #balanceforbetter campaign with a selfie on your social media, utilizing the hashtag and the hands out "balance" action hand pose - see examples below.  Or take it a step further and create your own social media card to promote awareness and to declare your own commitment to #BalanceForBetter (click HERE to create your own social media card!)

International Women's Day Balance for Better Pose

International Women's Day Pose

International Women's Day 2019 selfie Card

International Women's Day 2019 social media card


Click HERE to learn more about International Women's Day initiatives, how you can show your support all year long, and more behind the meaning of the "Balance for Better" campaign theme for 2019!  (Because this amazing work doesn't just start and end today).

As always mamas, I would love your feedback, your suggestions for upcoming posts, and I send you the most sincere of sister-hugs.

❤️ Latoya

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