Meet, Latoya! "IMPK"s Newest Mommy BLOG Contributor!

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Heyyyyyy, girl hey! 🙋🏽‍♀️

If you are a member of our "It's My Party Kids Boutique" VIP Facebook Group (check it out HERE), you recently saw the recent news that I'm partnering with my amazing sisters to help expand our brand!  (I'm SOOOOO excited!!!)

They are both SO very talented, and I can't wait to share their wonderful gifts with you (one is hands down the Martha Stewart of our family, and the other is an absolutely incredible writer).

So here's the first introduction I promised!  Meet my super talented, gifted, loving, caring, and all around kick azzz sister, Toya ❤️




Hey ya'll!! I’m so proud to be joining the It's My Party Kids Boutique family - especially alongside my amazing sisters! (Check out the newest collection for Valentine's Day HERE! ❤️)

I am the middle sister of the three, and, if I were going to describe my personality, it would be “creative”, “adventurous”, and “determined”. Raising my little son-shine has been the biggest and most beautiful challenge of my life, and I look forward to hearing from other moms in the course of blogging about modern parenthood.

Here’s a little bit about me:

  1. I’m a former middle school teacher who believes in the beauty of books. I have probably always been a writer, but my love affair with books began way before I learned to write my own name.
  2. My favorite colors are pink and black - though I definitely rock more black in my everyday wardrobe.
  3. I may have a little obsession with everything Batman or Beyonce related. My son was almost named Bruce :).
  4. I’m an ambivert - though I do tend to feed the introverted side more. I vary between binge-watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer all weekend to dancing on tables and jumping off boats. Well, at least in a former life ;).
  5. I tend to think of myself as a “rookie” when it comes to this mom-thing. I welcome all tips, tricks, and cheat-codes to child-rearing - just ask my sisters!

I think that’s a great start to what I hope will be a great beginning to building the IMPK community of moms!

Drop a comment below on some of the topics you might like to see on the blog.

I’m so happy to be here!


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It's My Party Kids Blog Contributor

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  • Heyyyyy girl!! Looking forward to seeing what y’all got up your sleeves!

    Diana on

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