10 Fun and Easy Pinterest DIY's to Level Up Your Fourth of July Party! 💙❤️💙

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Oh, yeah. . . .summer is OFFICIALLY HERE!  And that means, pool days, BBQs, tons of ice cream, and allll the fun in the sun!

It also means the biggest party of the season. . . the 4th of July!!!

Whether you're planning a block party or a smaller shindig with a few family or friends. . we've got you covered with a few fun and easy patriotic DIYs to add to your celebration from our Fourth of July Pinterest board.

 Here are my 10 favorite food and decor pins to infuse some red, white, and blue spirit into your patriotic party!:

Top 5 July 4th Food Pins:

1. Hot Dog and Hamburger Condiment Bar - It wouldn't be the 4th of July without a good old fashioned BBQ. This is a great way to do a hot dog and hamburger bar. It's quick and easy to do and efficient so guests can choose their bread and condiments. I actually plan to do this one myself!

pinterest condiment bar fourth of July


2. Fourth of July Ice Cream Sandwich Pops - With the Summer heat, especially here in Florida, the kids will enjoy something sweet and cold to cool off while waiting for the night time fireworks. You can create this with just a box of ice cream sandwiches, sprinkles, and cup cake cups to limit the mess!

fourth of July ice cream sandwich pops pinterest


3. Patriotic Fruit Kabobs - If you want to aim for something healthier, while keeping with the theme, this patriotic fruit display is a cute way to encourage the kids to have a healthy snack.

patriotic fruit kabobs pinterest


4. Firecracker Sugar Cookies - As a child I loved eating Pop Rocks! Who says fireworks only have to be in the sky? Your party guests will definitely get a kick out of this patriotic desert.

firecracker sugar cookies pinterest fourth of july


5. Red White Blue Refreshing Drink - And wash it all down with this delicious looking drink! It's great for kids and adults, but this can be turned into an adult only refresher as well! (just add your favorite vodka, thank me later 🤪)

red white blue refresher drink patriotic drink fourth of July pinterest


Top 5 July 4th Decor Pins: 

1. Fourth of July DIY Orbs - For night time illuminating decor while watching fireworks, for pool owners, this is an inexpensive idea. The lights inside the balloon weigh down them just enough so they don't fly away, and the balloon keeps the tea light dry! If you don't have a pool, lining these around your patio will look just as great!

fourth of July diy pool and garden orbs patriotic pinterest


2. Fourth of July DIY String Lights - Dust off some Christmas lights to reuse in this string of lights idea as opposed to buying a patriotic one. You get more use out of something you already have! (It will also prevent your Christmas lights from losing their life if you use them more than once a year 😉 )

patriotic DIY string lights fourth of July pinterest


3. Fourth of July DIY Patriotic Favor - I love this because I always want my guests to go home with something (other than a to go plate LOL!) This is a cute party favor doubled as utensils for the night AND a drink to get the party started.

fourth of July patriotic DIY favor pinterest


4. DIY Patriotic Wood Pallet Decor - I have a wreath for every holiday and season, but if you are looking for something else to enhance the curb appeal during this special holiday, bring the kids outside to paint a pallet (which many places will give you these for free) and "tada!", you'll have a non-traditional decor for your front porch!

DIY patriotic wood pallet pinterest fourth of July


5. Fourth of July DIY Remembrance Sign - Being the wife of a Veteran, I have a different outlook on patriotic holidays. Yes it's a time to connect, laugh, and be merry with friends, but the real reason we celebrate can often be forgotten. This cute decor is a sweet way to remind guests to be grateful for those who fought for our freedom. This sign remembers the ones who made it back and the ones who paid the ultimate sacrifice. 🙏🏽

DIY patriotic remembrance sign fourth of July pinterest


I personally can't WAIT to celebrate with family and friends next week.

Let me know in the comments below if you try any of these awesome pins. I'd love to hear from you!

And also, follow us on Pinterest HERE to check out all of our other holiday boards.  We add new pins and boards all the time (cause, yup. . . .#PinterestIsLife 😂) 

Happy 4th! 💙❤️💙❤️

- Audrey

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