Team DAD!! Fun and Easy Ways to Celebrate Dad for Father's Day ❤️

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Soooooo. . .it's officially the countdown to Father's Day! And we're all about celebrating him for all that he does (yup. . . Dads are some kind of wonderful in our book 🤩😎)

We wanted to help find some cute ways to celebrate these super heroes so we rounded up our top favs from our Father's Day Pinterest Board.

 If you're still looking for some inspiration for a great gift. . we've got you covered!

Here are some of our favs!:

1. Dad's Day Gift Pack - This is a cute affordable gift that is so easy to make, the kids can help out. Grab a pack of Mason jars, add a few of his favorite snacks, along with a couple "cold ones", and BOOM you have a quick thoughtful gift for Dad!

Father's Day Dad Gift Pack Pinterest Idea


2. Father's Day DIY Grilling Plate - I really think this is cute and it's a gift that would actually be used. Every time Daddy grills he can use this cute reminder of his babies!

Father's Day DIY Grill Plate Pinterest Idea


3. Dad Self-Care Robe - Dads need relaxation time too, this is a nice way to kick start a relaxation day for Dad. Mom can choose the scents and the kids can choose the robe colors.

Father's Day Dad self care robe gift idea Pinterest


4. Father's Day Personalized Gift Box - This is a nice chic gift for a Dad, complete with drink glasses (which I recommend personalizing for a special touch).

Father's Day personalized DIY gift box idea Pinterest


5. DIY Superhero Shadowbox - I really love this one, because to some kids out there, Dad is truly their hero. For this, the kids can choose their favorite superhero, and add a special saying for each one that represents their Father. This is something that can be put by the night stand or on the desk at work.

Father's Day diy gift idea Pinterest superhero shadowbox


6. "Things I Love About Dad" Popsicle Wall Hanging - The kids will have fun not only painting and writing the things they love about their Dad, but also eating the Popsicle's to get the sticks to make this awesome gift!

 Father's Day DIY popsicle wall hanging Pinterest


7. Father's Day Personalized Book - This is awesome and unique! I've seen personalized kids books, but never one where you can put an avatar of Dad! This pin takes you to a site where you can personalize a story book for the kids that has Dad in it! Very cute, and this can easily become something passed on for generations.

Father's Day Personalized Book Story Pinterest 


So, there they are!  Some of our favorite pins from our Father's Day Pinterest board.

Let us know if you try any of these!  Or, drop a comment with a link to something you've found that's cute!

Happy Pinning/Creating!

~ Audrey ❤️

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